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Sep. 25th, 2013 | 03:20 pm

Things I'm into lately.

The ballet cats - love these guys - the illustrations, the photographs, the products. I recently bought their 'Screaming cat' bag (shown above) which I absolutely adore. Occasionally, my mom uses it too.

Wasted Rita - funny stuff. I wish I was as witty and humorous but not really. Just ordered a couple of zines from her shop. I am very generous with myself when it comes to shopping for books and zines; no second thoughts at all.

Sometimes I can't believe I have a full-time job and am actually tolerating disgusting teenage boys whom I would occasionally imagine hitting their faces with a baseball bat. Reality is stranger than fiction. I am currently eating Milo powder out of the packet with a spoon that is a little too big for this to take place without being messy. Lunch. These days I have been more optimistic and a little bit more sarcastic(sometimes meaner) than usual. It's kinda fresh. Today for the first time I am leaving work before 4 pm. Bringing work home. Feels very weird to do this. On most days, I'm in school for practically 12 hours. It's crazy. Also, Hi. It's been awhile.

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