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sickness as a blessing

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Feb. 7th, 2014 | 01:24 pm

Today I get to skip out on work, thanks to that all powerful "MC" a.k.a Medical Certificate from the doctor that certifies that I am unfit for work. Except for my terrible sore throat and slight coughing, I don't really feel unfit. So I actually woke up at 5.30 am, showered, and got dressed but didn't actually left for work. Instead, I cleared our studio room and started doing some stuff in it. I always feel giddy/excited whenever I'm home on a weekday. So excited I tend to skip when I walk, wake up early with a smile, have breakfast with my parents, spend some time reading/listening to some meaningful text, hang out with my younger cousins and when I realise I get to do all that and more before the clock hits 12 I get excited and giddy again. It's such a luxury when you're working my job. Although technically, I would be doing an equal amount of activity at work by 12 pm as well however, it's not the same when you get to choose what you want to do, where you want to do it and how long you wan to do it. Oh!, self-employed people, you are the source of my envy. In times like this, I would always have to remind myself hardships are temporary and there will be relief! And I know I will be eternally grateful for this part of my life more when it's over. So until then.

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